Dorer, Frances

seudonym of Frances Catherine Paterson, US author, always with her mother Nancy Paterson (1922-2010), the latter writing under her maiden name Nancy Dorer. They began to publish work of genre interest with When Next I Wake (dated 1978 but 1979) as by Frank Dorn, their most ambitious effort being the Eagle sequence of sf adventures, all dated 1979 but published 1980, comprising By Daybreak the Eagle (1980), Wings of the Eagle (1980) and Return of the Eagle (1980). Singletons include Appointment with Yesterday (dated 1978 but 1979) as by Dorn, Sunwatch (1979) as by Dorn, Where No Man has Trod (dated 1979 but 1980) and Two Came Calling (dated 1979 but 1980).

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