Houston, David

Pseudonym of US author Houston Force Lumpkin III (1938- ), who produced sf books with some intensity for a few years, though he fell silent after 1982. Generally unremarkable, though competent, his works began with Alien Perspective (1978) and the Gods in a Vortex sf-adventure sequence comprising Gods in a Vortex (1979) and Wingmaster (1981). He then wrote a series of novels Tied to the Tales of Tomorrow television series: Tales of Tomorrow #1: Invaders at Ground Zero (1981), Tales of Tomorrow #2: Red Dust (1981), Tales of Tomorrow #3: Substance X (1981) and Tales of Tomorrow #4: Ice from Space (1982). He was also responsible for Swamp Thing (1982) with Len Wein, a Swamp Thing tie novelizing the film Swamp Thing (1982).

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