Mendelson, Drew

US author who began publishing work of genre interest with “Museum Piece” in New Dimensions 5 (anth 1975) edited by Robert Silverberg. His Pilgrimage (1981) grippingly presents a vision of a bleak Ruined Earth environment, long abandoned by most humans except for those who inhabit the planet’s one remaining artefact, a vast City that moves slowly across the devastated land. As in Christopher Priest’s early Inverted World (1974), the city contains within it a Pocket-Universe culture, which has lost touch with the human past and has become ignorant of the Technologies which give it life. The adolescent protagonists’ quest for meaning (see Conceptual Breakthrough) takes them from the moribund Tailend of the City to Frontend; the novel closes in an ambiguous affirmation of renewal. Mendelson’s apparent retirement from the field after the publication of this novel is a matter for considerable regret.

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