Sirota, Mike

Mike Sirota is the author of Bicycling Through Space and Time (A Retro Ride: Book One); The Ultimate Bike Path (A Retro Ride: Book Two); the Sword & Sorcery novels, The Sons of Ornon, The Sword of Tyron, The Quest of Tyron, and The Talisman of Okorro; the Sword & Planet spoof, The Wizard from Harrmel; and the four “World After Death” novels, Warlord of Maldrinium, Caves of Maldrinium, Dark Seas of Maldrinium, and Slaves of Maldrinium. He has also written the award-winning thriller, Freedom’s Hand, the award-winning historical novel, Stone Woman, the ghost story, Fire Dance, and three Native American-themed horror novels, Demon Shadows, The Modoc Well, and The Burning Ground. He has published over two dozen novels with houses that include The Berkley Publishing Group, Bantam Books, and Pocket Books. He lives in Oceanside, California with his wife, Jacqueline.

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