Vardeman, Robert

Robert Edward Vardeman (sometimes called Vardebob) (born 1947) is an American science fiction fan and writer. The first volume in Vardeman’s Keys to Paradise fantasy series was credited to the pseudonym “Daniel Moran”, the publisher possibly being unaware of author Daniel Keys Moran, but the second book in that series then stated that Vardeman was “writing as Daniel Moran.” Vardeman started publishing two other series under pseudonyms in the late 1980s – the fantasy series After the Spell Wars under the name F.J. Hale, and the Star Frontier science fiction series under the name of Edward S. Hudson. Both of these series were partially republished under Vardeman’s own name. He also wrote Gateway to Doom (1983) from Tom Swift III, and The Microbots (1992) and Mutant Beach (1992), part of the Tom Swift IV series of books under the house pen name, Victor Appleton; as well as writing numerous westerns under the pen names Karl Lassiter and Jackson Lowry. He also wrote in the mid-1970s for Book Creations, Inc., under house pseudonym Paul Kenyon for The Baroness series, but the book was canceled before publication. Similar work includes eight novels written for the Nick Carter adventure series, the novel Sea Fire under the name Cliff Garnett, more than 100 novels written for a major western series, plus eight novels written for another western series that was less enduring.

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